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Services We Offer

Dog Walking

A daily, weekly, fortnightly or occasional dog walking service that is tailored to meet the needs of you, our client.

When you get in touch with Linthorpe Pet Services we will arrange a first meeting to get to know you, your dog and your requirements.

The breed, age, energy levels and temperament of your dog are all important factors that help Linthorpe Pet Services recommend the right walks for your canine friend.

The places I take the dogs include: Linthorpe, Acklam, Hemlington Lake, Guisborough Woods, Stewart Park, Albert Park, Thornaby Woods, Redcar and Saltburn Beaches.

There's no obligation at all and Linthorpe Pet Services doesn't charge for this first visit.

Lunchtime Walks

Our lunchtime walks are for dogs that enjoy group company. They last 60mins and will include plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Dogs are naturally pack animals and enjoy the company of others, therefore, dogs in my care are walked in small groups and with written permission are allowed off the lead to run and play with other sociable dogs, including my own.

Please note that your dog will be out for more than an hour due to travel time to and from the walk area. The walk itself will last for one hour.

Solo Walks

Outside of lunchtime walks - we can provide solo walks for elderly dogs.
These walks can last 25mins or 50mins - the choice is yours.

Solo walks for entire male dogs are also provided outside of lunchtime walks.
These walks can last for 30mins or 60mins - the choice is yours.

Uncastrated dogs
Sorry uncastrated males over the age of 9 months are not accepted on group walks.
Whilst an uncastrated male may be completely docile and non-aggressive by itself, they cannot control the effect their scent has on other male dogs, and years of experience in this matter has taught me it is simply not responsible for us to create these situations.

Solo walks for Puppies
We also provide solo walks for puppies outside of lunchtime walks. This service also includes basic training for your puppy including sit, down, recall. Our recommendation is that these walks last for 40mins, as a puppy's attention span and physical needs are adequately catered for during this time without overtiring your puppy.

One to one care
Dogs with specific needs and bitches in season are also catered for. These walks are dependent on the specific needs of the dog being walked. Please contact me with your dog's details or special needs for further information. There may be an additional charge for this service which is provided outside of lunchtime walks.

Dog Walking Services

One to one care and dogs with special needs
Will be priced according to the tailored needs of the dog.

Second dogs
A second dog from the same household, going on the same walk, will be charged at half the walk price.

Booking & Cancellation
Walking services during the week can be booked or cancelled up to 9:00pm on the evening of the day before the service is required.

All walking services are invoiced and can be paid Cheque or Cash on a daily or weekly basis.

Home Visits

Monday to Friday

This service is for elderly dogs or puppies that just need to be let out and have a little time spent giving them a fuss and some company. A home visit will last 20minutes and can include picking up the post and watering the plants.

This service is for small animals and includes feeding and watering, replacing bedding and socialising with your pet. We can also pick up your post and water your plants, thereby making it appear that your house is occupied if you are away on holiday - this service can be a positive crime deterrent.

Whether you're away on holiday or on business, Linthorpe Pet Services can arrange a daily visit for your smaller friends to tend to their needs.

For your peace of mind
I am insured and police checked. All keys kept in my possession will be kept safe and separate from your personal details.

Animal Type

Dog, Cat, Puppy, Kitten (covers up to 2 pets) - 20mins

Small animal - Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Chinchilla's, Caged Birds, Fish, Chipmunks, Rats, Mice, Hamsters and Gerbils (covers up to 2 pets) - 20mins

Additional Pet Supplements (per pet/cage) may apply

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